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ChromX is a simulation toolbox for liquid chromatography of proteins. The conceptual goal of ChromX is to be a flexible multi-purpose software package for research while maintaining a high level of user-friendliness.
Easy parameter editing
Parameter estimation from .xls files
Robustness studies with Latin Hypercube Sampling

ChromX is a modular simulation toolbox written in C++ that solves chromatography models by means of the finite element method in space and time stepping with finite differences. ChromX originated from a feasibility study by MAB and EMCL that was found to be one of the most promising projects in the “Idea Competition in Biotechnology and Medical Technology” in 2012.

ChromX offers a view into the column

Step-elution on a 1 ml cation-exchange column with radially dependent concentrations in adsorber beads. Simulated with ChromX, visualized with ParaView.


With ChromX being the subject of ongoing PhD projects, features are continuously added and removed to help us gain understanding of chromatographic processes. ChromX was first presented in 2012 and is used for teaching mechanistic modeling of protein chromatography since 2013. It is also applied in a laboratory course, where students perform model-based optimization of a chromatographic separation problem on their own.

The academic version used in teaching at KIT is available for download on these pages together with tutorials on numerics and practical application.