Functional Nanostructures

Exploring and application of techniques for the generation of functional nanostructures by polymerization of heterogeneous reaction systems in continuously operated photoreactors.

Liquid-liquid heterophases in the form of miniemulsions for the production of latex by means of photopolymerization. The obtained monodisperse nanoparticles, adjustable in size (30 - 300 nm diameter), can be loaded with pharmaceuticals, modified with catalysts or secondarily functionalized with biocomponents.

Gas-liquid heterophases in the form of aerosols for the production of polymeric nanostructures, nanostructured and hybrid particles. The reaction mixture of monomers and solvents, which can be loaded with active substances and/or (semi)metallic nanoparticles, is atomized in nitrogen as the carrier gas and converted into a functionalized particle aerosol in a flow-through photoreactor.