MAB - Biomolecular Separation Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Florian Dismer

  • Fritz-Haber-Weg 2
    76131 Karlsruhe

CV and Publications




Scientific CV


12/2009 - 12/2012

Post-Doc at the Institute of Process Engineering in Life Sciences, KIT

03/2008 - 12/2009

Graduate student at Institute of Life Sciences, University of Karlsruhe (Relocation of the group)

11/2005 - 02/2008

Graduate student at Institute of Biotechnology 2, Research Centre Jülich


Diploma in Biology (technical oriented)

12/2005 - 08/2006

Thesis: “Nuclear receptor families LXR and PPAR: A thermodynamic approach to characterize their interaction”

Drug Discovery and Design Center, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai

05/2003 - 07/2003

Research Project: “Optimization of the sterilization- and filling-procedure of an interferon α-2a based drug”

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai

12/2002 - 07/2003

Work-experience at Roche Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai

Sterile production of pharmaceuticals

10/1999 - 08/2005

Studies of Technical Biology at the University of Stuttgart

Research Project

Characterization of Adsorption Mechanisms in Ion-Exchange Chromatography



Florian Dismer, Chris Teske, Jürgen Hubbuch

Effects of Alterations in Protein Surface Composition on the Retention Behavior in Ion Exchange Chromatography

GVC/Dechema-Kongress „Industrielle Biotechnologie und Gewinnung von Produkten“, 22.-24. May 2006, Würzburg


Florian Dismer, Jürgen Hubbuch

Determination of lysozyme binding orientation on different adsorber materials

ISPPP (International Symposium on Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides), 17.-20. October 2006, Innsbruck





Florian Dismer, Jürgen Hubbuch

A novel approach to characterize the binding orientation of lysozyme on ion-exchange resins

Journal of Chromatography A, 1149 (2007) 312–320


Mojgan Kavoosi, Nooshafarin Sanaie, Florian Dismer, Jürgen Hubbuch, Douglas G. Kilburn, Charles A.


A Novel Two-Zone Protein Uptake Model for Affinity Chromatography and Its Application to the Description of Elution Band Profiles of Proteins Fused to a Family 9 Cellulose Binding Module Affinity Tag

Journal of Chromatography A


Florian Dismer, Martin Petzold, Jürgen Hubbuch

Effects of ionic strength and mobile phase pH on the binding orientation of lysozyme on different ion-exchange adsorbents
Journal of Chromatography A, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 8 January 2008

Jun Wang, Florian Dismer, Jürgen Hubbuch, Mathias Ulbricht

Detailed analysis of membrane adsorber pore structure and protein binding by advanced microscopy
Journal of Membrane Science, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 22 April 2008




Florian Dismer, Martin Petzold, Jürgen Hubbuch

Bindungsorientierung von Lysozym in Abhängigkeit von der Oberflächenstruktur verschiedener Ionenaustausch-Materialen

DECHEMA/GVC Tagung, “Aufarbeitung biotechnologischer Produkte”, Mai 2007, Osnabrück


Florian Dismer, Martin Petzold, Jürgen Hubbuch

A novel approach to determine the binding orientation of lysozyme on chromatographic adsorber surfaces

EFB-DSP, “International Workshop on Downstream Processing”, Mai 2007, Delft (Niederlande)


Florian Dismer, Martin Petzold, Jürgen Hubbuch

Lysozyme binding Orientation on different Adsorber Materials with varying pH and Ionic Strength

ISPPP 2007, Orlando (USA)